Our Mission at Keto Delights is simple - we’re focused on 
making high-quality and  truly delicious keto-friendly and sugar-free treats that you can feel good about eating.  

Founded by the same bakers who own and  operate Sweet Lane, we have  worked to completely revitalize some of our most favorite recipes and adjusted them into  healthier  keto-friendly versions, whilst maintaining the exceptional passion and taste our customers know and love.
We remain steadfast on our commitment to using only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients on our keto baked goods. With 11 years of experience under our belt, rest assured our new range of keto and sugar-free products feature the same service, quality, and taste that you’ve enjoyed with Sweet Lane throughout the years. Except now, we’re doing it all with a health-focused mindset, and with more pride than ever before!

What We Offer


No Sugar Added

Our products are made with all natural plant-based  sweeteners which are calorie and carbohydrate free, non-glycemic and do not cause blood sugar spikes.


All of our baked goods are low carb and keto-friendly.  We made sure that each serving of our delicious bakes will fit your macro so you can still enjoy tasty treats without all the unwanted carbs. 

High-Quality Ingredients

We use all natural, non-GMO, and  organic ingredients in our products when possible. We make our own spread, pralines and chocolates on site so you can be assured that the ingredients we are using on all our bakes are keto-compliant and  sweetened by our own special blend of sweeteners. There are no chemicals or hard to pronounce ingredients that you need to google. Only the highest quality  products are used in all our bakes and homemade chocolates. No matter which diet you are on, you can enjoy our delicious keto-friendly treats without compromising your health.


Where We are Made

 Keto Delights are baked fresh from the oven in our very own, pristine commercial kitchen in Al Quoz exclusively for our own use and manned by the same group of dedicated Chefs who have made Sweet Lane a success, we are fully equipped and ready to Keto-fy not only Dubai but the entire UAE!

Keto Delights operate with a business license issued by the Dubai Economic Department and all our kitchen professionals are HACCP certified so you can be assured that our kitchen, ingredients and baked products are guaranteed fresh, safe and hygienic!